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Lice Free

  The Lice Heads, provides a treatment combing science to kill head lice without using chemicals or harmful pesticides. Our process provides a very safe, fast, highly effective way to kill and remove all stages of head lice including their eggs!


  How it Works

 You will be cared for by one of our Certified Professional Lice Heads Technicians throughout your entire experience with us. Our exclusive extracting process, combined with natural enzymes and our proven combing technique is used to safely kill and remove lice and their eggs.


One single treatment is all that is needed to kill

head lice at any stage and the eggs

treatment time for a boy/man is typically

approx. 20 min - girl/woman approx. 30 min


( timing depends on the length of hair and level

of infestation ) 



All natural, No harsh chemicals, safe for the

whole family. The Lice Heads come highly

recommended by schools, parents and pediatricians.

Almost all over- the -counter prescriptions sold today for

treating head lice contain some sort of pesticide or other harsh chemicals,

many of which have the potential to cause irritating skin reactions or other harmful side effects.

  Highly Effective

Head Lice are rapidly evolving and building resistance to many traditional pesticide- based control methods, which have never been able to kill eggs (nits) effectively and usually require repeat treatments.

 In-Home Services - Save your gas and your time! Our Certified technician will travel to you and perform thorough Head Check Exams / Treatments on your entire family, in the comfort of your own home.

 Camps /Daycares  We will come to you! We will provide to your facility Head Check Exams (onsite treatment options will be available). Stopping the Spread Immediately is the goal! We will have a pre-approved space available on-site to perform the treatments on all positive children/staff.  To make the process a breeze, parents can make credit card payments over the phone at the time of service, if necessary. 



 Our All Natural Treatment is 100% Effective and Guaranteed for 30 Days- No Follow Up Required.

Schedule online. It's easy, fast and secure.

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