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About Us


Lice Free Family

  The Lice Heads specializes in the treatment of head lice (Pediculosis) while providing an array of services to fit your needs. We are a valuable member of the community in the fight against head lice with supporting partners that include various schools, camps, doctors and parents.             


   We understand how stressful this can be on everyone, so let us take care of it for you. Our certified technicians have under gone extensive training to completely stop the cycle in its tracks and remove the infestation all in 1 appointment.         


   Our treatment is 100% Safe, Effective, Professional and Guaranteed. Our goal is to make this experience painless as possible and get you back to your normal life as quickly as possible. We work closely with our families to provide education on the prevention of head lice and the importance of becoming proactive.                                                           

             Education is Empowerment!


LICE HEADS guarantees to Kill and Remove All strains of Super Lice and their Eggs!
Lice Headcheck
     Why Lice Heads?
  • No toxins, pesticides or chemicals Ever! %100 All Natural Treatment


  • We are confident in our ability to perform and Guarantee our work


  • Flexible evening, early morning and weekend appointments available


  • Flat-Rate, No hourly charges


  • Informative- We'll give you all the knowledge you need to stay lice free


  • Entire family can be treated in one appointment


  • Take advantage of our Lice Free Forever Insurance 


  • ALL Schools / We'll come to you plus give you FREE Head Checks -Daycares and Camp Huge Discounts available plus No travel fee


  • We can come to your Home -OR-You can come to one of Our Clinic Locations.


       and SO MUCH MORE....

Lice Free Kids
         Affordable Care
  • Our Prices are always gonna be EXACTLY what you see!


  • No hidden fees and No surprises.


  • We provide effective, professional service for the lowest cost in South, West and Central Florida.


  • Our treatments are a flat-fee

        No matter the length of hair or              level of infestation.


  • We offer one Flat-Rate and No hourly charges

    See Price Page for more info....

Lice Headcheck
  Treatment and Services
  •   We offer the most thorough manual removal lice service there is. We focus on removing the infestation completely in one appointment sitting.  

  •   We take pride in our %100 Natural lice removal treatment and effectiveness of our products.                 

  •  We have a full line of our very own Lice Heads essentials, shampoos, conditioners and more, to help you stay proactive. The service we provide is safe and effective for all ages and all families.     

  •   Our Lice Heads Treatment Center is a 1 stop shop. Come and See! 1-2-3 You'll be Lice free!

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