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Offering a Forever Lice Free Option

Enjoy peace of mind with The Lice Heads Forever Lice Free Insurance.

Why choose the Forever Lice Free Insurance?


Our annual (yearly) Insurance fee is ONLY $998.00 (a family of up to 4 people) will receive:


( approx $3,900Value )


  •   Free Head Checks Exams ( Up to 3 Head Check Exams per year/per person )                  

  •   Free Treatments ( Up to 3 full treatments per year/per person )

  •   Free Year Round Protection and Peace of Mind

  •   Preferred appointment slots 

* Add a additional $299.00 (per extra family member) on top of the family of 4 rate *

Terms and Conditions apply:


All members of the immediate household PLUS secondary household must be checked and cleared or treated by Lice Heads within 5 days of enrollment.


Lice Heads reserves the right to refuse enrollment or terminate enrollment at any time.


You MUST be currently enrolled in the Insurance Plan and up to date on the yearly payment to take advantage of these great benefits.


You may cancel your Insurance at anytime. No penalties,  No fees,  No contracts,  No worries!

* All applicable fees apply to anyone not covered under the Forever Lice Free Insurance.*

*This offer is ONLY available after the initial treatment, within the 30 day guarantee window*

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