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                                                           In-Clinic Services

  • Consultation by Phone   -  Complimentary


  • Head Check Exam -  $35.00 (per person) Mandatory


  • Girl / Woman Treatment    -   $175.00   


  • Boy / Man Treatment    -    $155.00        

  • Optional Follow-Up Visit  -   FREE


  • 30 Day Guarantee   - Included - If all guidelines are met


  • A $35.00 (per person) Head Check Exam Fee is Required to secure your appointment at the time of booking. The fee is Non-Refundable and Non-Transferrable for any No-Call / No-Show or without a 24 hour cancellation. No Exceptions!





                                                         In-Home Services

                                                   We Come to You! Travel Fee


  • Head Check Exam - $35 (per person) Mandatory

  • Male /Female Treatment $275 (per person) - Flat-Rate (up to 30 miles) 

  • 31-45 miles an additional one-time $50 Travel Fee will be added to the final bill  ​


  • To lock in appointment time the equivalent of 1 treatment ($275) will be due at time of confirmed booking. (Subtracted at Final Bill)



                                      ***We Do Not Travel Over a 45 Mile Distance***

                                                    Please Call to Schedule Travel Appointments                                











                                     Camps and Daycares : Huge Discounts Offered

                                                (please visit Service Page for more info)




  • We ask that everyone come with their hair Tangle-Free and Knot-Free. If the Technician has to detangle or get knots out of the hair Before the treatment can be started, there will be a $35 Detangle Fee added to the final bill. An extra 15-30 min can possibly be added into the treatment time and can make the process much longer if not done prior to the appointment time.   



  • ​ A $20 Late Fee will be charged if you are 10 min late to your scheduled appointment time (No Exceptions). After 15 minutes late you may be asked to reschedule.


  • Payment is Due upon Services Rendered

  • Forms of payments accepted are Cash and Debit / Credit Cards 

  • Flexible Spending / Health Savings Accounts are Accepted

  • We Do Not Accept Personal Checks

  • No Refunds On Services Rendered

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